Portland Programmer Resume

Nicholas Libby

Software Dev • Web Dev • Network Admin • Data Admin • Hardware Tech

About This Portland Programmer

A position as a PHP programmer would be my best position, however web development in any other language works fine too. Standard compliant code is paramount, object oriented modular design is a necessity. I can tweak up your existing design or chop your PSDs into dynamic layouts. Write your scripts that convert your data, or debug your errors, find their source and give you a solution for them. over 10 years of web development has given me the ability to grow from the mistakes I’ve made in the past and the means to find the solutions for new obstacles for the future. I like to say anything is possible, just a question of which path gets us there.


  • Date: 4/2002 – Present
  • Title: Software Developer
  • Job: Programmer in PHP, C#, Cold Fusion, JavaScript and ASP using Access, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL for backend and displaying websites with HTML, XML and CSS creating graphics and layouts in Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash and Swish among many, many other languages and applications.
For anything not listed, just ask, I’m sure I know something about it.